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Understanding Addiction



Ā  Ā Many people can’t fathomĀ how or whyĀ someĀ peopleĀ are becoming addicted to drugs.Ā 

That’sĀ typicallyĀ assumed that drug abusers lack faith or self-controlĀ orĀ moralĀ principles,Ā which might stop them from using the drugs.

Assuming what IĀ said above is true, do we really know the story of every drug addict and how they have becomeĀ like this?

The following video will prove to you how wrong we can be by judging the others without knowing them.Ā 


  1. I don’t 100% agree with this. I mean, yes, surrounding yourself by positive things & people will help distract from focusing on the bad. However, that wouldn’t explain a lot of things. First, how would you explain people that mainly do drugs in a social setting? Of course you could say that some of these people aren’t positive to be around, but that’s not always true as far as having fun, being with someone you care about, etc. Also there are a lot of people that do get hooked on prescription medicines, whether they took them for fun or for a real problem. Are people with chronic illnesses/pain that are dependant (which isn’t the same as addicted) all not happy & that’s why they have to use them? No, not always. There are plenty of people, including doctors, that call people with chronic pain issues & use pain medications addicts, which isn’t true. Being dependant means you rely on something but you’re not going to go do just anything to get it. When on pain medications long-term, your body does physically become dependant & would have withdrawals if stopped cold-turkey but that doesn’t make you addicted unless you’re using it not for what it’s meant for or are willing to do things most wouldn’t. Also there are some people that are legit addicts & don’t get sober through multiple attempts at rehab but only once they’re in jail & forced to. I’m not saying that works for everyone but I think it all kinda goes back to a single rat vs a group of rats (or people). You can group together one set of people & say well they did this but sometimes there are individuals that wouldn’t fit into this group, by description, & there’s no one thing that works for EVERYONE. Sometimes it is more about how an individual thinks & functions to figure out what works best.

    • it’s true how the effects of drugs are not the same from one to another but pls if you’re not going to understand what’s really pushing ppl to go this way and prevent them from doing it, what is then the meaning of society? there’s no excuse to do drugs and i’m not defending them ^^ but understanding this matter is the right way to go imho .

  2. I don’t think it mentioned co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis. I get what they’re trying to say but there’s so much more to addiction.


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