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How to Get Twitter Followers



    Many successful business owners use Twitter to promote their products. However, many of us doubt the effectiveness of this social media platform with regards to social marketing. In fact, Twitter perhaps might not really be your favorite social media platform. Many of us wonder if 140 characters can adequately deliver a business idea with the purpose of promotion. It more sounds more like a social media for teens. Still, Twitter is now seven years old. Somehow it continues to be one of the strongest social media platforms. This article will address the effectiveness of this platform and how to get followers on Twitter.

Why should it be Twitter?

Until recently, it is likely that many people have questioned the benefits of using Twitter for business. Here are some reasons why Twitter is the right social media platform for your business.

  1. 500 million users – With a massive number of users, Twitter is not only a playground for teenagers but also a way for everyone to connect. People from various educational and social backgrounds are growing their Twitter accounts. Approximately 5,000 to 10,000 people join Twitter every day. You can imagine how many people will respond to your tweets if you have plenty of followers and what an impact it can have on your business. If you’re wondering how to get Twitter followers, don’t worry – we’ll get to that soon.
  2. You can connect with followers on a personal level – Unlike other social media platform, Twitter allows you to develop a personal connection with your followers even if they do not follow you back. You can connect and engage with the right figures or
    people in your field.
  3. It increases website traffic – You are probably still far away from having famous news publications such as the LA Times discover and respond to your Tweets. However, using Twitter has the power to increase your website traffic as well. Every time you tweet relevant content or links to your Twitter followers, watch your website traffic grow.



What can it do for your business?

Even though it only allows you 140 characters per tweet, Twitter is indeed a powerful social media platform for businesses. Many business owners trust Twitter for their marketing media to broaden their range of business. With plenty of people using Twitter on a daily basis, you have plenty of opportunities to broaden your business range by reaching out to free Twitter followers. Instead of simply promoting, Twitter also allows you to engage and build a personal relationship with customers. Moreover, if you are promoting your website and sharing content via Twitter, it will increase website traffic. However, you might be wondering how to get Twitter followers. Is it difficult? What are the steps you can take? We’ll address those questions in just a second.

How can you get followers on Twitter?

If you are planning to maximize your Twitter account; you have to get Twitter followers to enhance the business. There are many websites that offer free Twitter followers; however, those websites sometimes consists of non-real followers. For business purpose, you need the real human followers. Here are a few tricks on how to get Twitter followers.

  1. Create an interesting bio and use a good picture

Do not leave these areas blank. When considering how to get followers on Twitter, remember that free Twitter followers want to connect to real people, and the bio space is the first thing most followers check before following you. Therefore, introduce yourself and explain what you do. Also, be sure to upload a good quality photo of you. Most people will not follow someone without a picture. Even though the Twitter bio only provides 160 characters, you should fill it with interesting facts about you. Plus, Twitter will only include your account in searches if you have provided a full name, username, and bio.

  1. Share valuable content

If you’re wondering how to get Twitter followers, you can create valuable content on your website and link it to Twitter, which will help you get free Twitter followers. Many people look for relevant and generous content to retweet. If creating good content sounds too difficult, you can share other informative and valuable content.

  1. Be active in your account

Being active means posting something frequently on Twitter while making you don’t spam your followers’ feed. Whether you are sharing something or promoting your products, make sure not to flood your Twitter followers’ feeds or else they may unfollow you. Even when you are promoting your business, make sure not to cross that invisible line or your followers will think you are a spammer.

  1. Follow people in the same field

This does not mean you should follow everyone; try to find people who are in the same field as you or those who have keywords in their bio. If those people retweet your content, then they are introducing you to their followers, giving you will a chance to get more followers as well.

Free Tools to Manage A Twitter Account

If you want to know how to get followers on Twitter using other methods, you can use several free tools to manage your account. Each tool has its own benefits. Here are some free Twitter managing tools for business and marketing purposes.

  • Hootsuite – this free tool allows you to set a publishing schedule for your tweets. Moreover, you can add attachments as well as set location using this free tool.
  • Tweroid – with this tool you can track down the hourly graphics of your account on a daily basis. keep in mind, Knowing when most of your followers are online and the best time to tweet is very important.
  • Twilert – this free tool will send you an email every time someone mentions your account or a hashtag that is near your location or in a certain language.
  • Crowdfire – this is a great social marketing platform (for Twitter and Instagram), it allows you to auto DM your new followers with customized welcome messages, copy followers from your competitors, schedule your tweets and much more.

Don’t forget, keep it simple keep it clean and interact with your network, you’ll be fine in your twitter journey.