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Top 10 Travel destinations 2015



    Saint Augustine of Hippo once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.” Travelling and seeing the world can be one of the most life changing experiences an individual can have. It opens our eyes to the beauty of the Earth and the feats of humanity, but also gives a greater understanding of one another. It is a means that can provide us with a clarifying lens in which to view the world. It’s time to act on the gnawing wanderlust that sits within you, and here are the ten places to start.


1Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech is a magical place to visit. It is brimming with beauty completed by its variety of bustling markets, beautiful gardens, ornate palaces, and breathtaking mosques. You will find yourself wandering through the small alleys and courtyards of the Medina for hours, immersed into the city’s historic feel and cultural center. Visitors are immediately blown away by the spirituality of the area, whether you seek serenity in Jardin Majorelle or souk in the awning bliss of the mosques.


2Milan, Italy.

A historical center for culture and exchange of ideas, Milan is embracing such role in 2015. From May 1 to October 31, 2015, Milan will be welcoming 140 countries to show their best technology and exchange ideas about healthy, safe, and sustainable food at the Expo Milano 2015. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. Once you’re done browsing the multitude of exhibits, explore the historic city and immerse yourself within the fine art and culture that the city hosts.


3Muscat, Oman.

Take a step into a page of The Arabian Nights by travelling to the breathtaking Muscat. Located on the coast of the Gulf of Human, the area is smoky and calming with incense and the streets littered with men wearing white robes and women in charming jewelled dresses. Everywhere you look are white villas, fortresses, towering and regal palaces, and breathtaking mosques unperturbed by high rises. Although the sultan has modernized, he has preserved the charming culture and beauty of the region. Experiencing the beauty and immersing yourself in the culture of Oman is without a doubt an adventure you will remember.


4El Chaltén, Argentina.

With the Monte Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre towering over the town, you will be blown away by the breathtaking landscape El Chaltén is surrounded by, including glaciers, lakes, forests, and waterfalls. The town holds a small village ambiance, lacks mobile phone and internet connection, and the closest airport is 3 hours away. But the vast expanse of pure white snow and ability to experience the vast expanse of beauty while eating good food makes it one of the places to adventure this year.


5Vienna, Austria

A city of deep and rich history, Vienna boasts access to some of the finest art, culture, and minds. Visit the University of Vienna, which will be 650 years old this year, and gain insights on some of the education of some great minds like Sigmund Freud. There is no doubt of the presence of classical and historical beauty that reigns on the city, but it also is host to some of the most modern and bustling culture as well. The people are welcoming and intelligent, the culture is rich, and there’s plenty of strudel and Strauss to go around. What else could you want?


6Bueno Aires, Argentina

Immerse yourself into the romantic, seductive, and enchanting city of the tango. A great center of Latin culture, you will find exciting restaurants and nightlife. However, the city’s European lineage will be evident through its architecture and other public amenities. Visit historic bars such as the Cafe Tortoni for a taste of the past then head out to shop your little heart out in Latin America’s shopping capital.


7Istanbul, Turkey

At the very edge of where Asia and Europe meet, Istanbul stands to be a city featuring both modernized and ancient culture. You will gape in awe at the beautiful, intricate ancient architecture as you stroll to modern cafes and restaurants. Then explore the Grand Bazaar where there are thousands of shops to hop into. Peek at the breathtaking Sutlan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque), which can be seen from multiple places in the city. And of course, there are tons of other mosques, bazaars, and Turkish baths to explore as well!


8Valletta, Malta

Celebrating 450 years since the Great Siege when the battle between a few Maltese Christian knights fought the Turks with much carnage, this in an ideal year to visit Valletta. Its isolated location amongst a tiny piece of peninsula has offered preservation of the historic beauty such as the buildings and streets. But amongst such historic buildings, you can see the pieces of contemporary architecture gracefully added during its recent makeover. Soak up the history and beauty in Malta.


9Toronto, Canada

140 languages are spoken in this city, which can proudly boast that it is the most diverse and multicultural city in the world. Additionally, it is home to the Pan American games this year. The restaurant scene is ridiculously drool-worthy with mouth-watering Sights and Scents throughout the streets. Additionally, if you love an exciting and bustling nightlife, Toronto boasts great bars and band-rooms for clubbers of all kinds. It is exemplary of a modernized and adventurous city.


10Catskills, New York.

This beautiful and scenic part of New York state has been a retreat for many generations. It became home to fleeing Jewish families in the 50s and then to thriving counterculture through the hippies in the ‘60s. Without a doubt, this an amazing and beautiful place to unwind and reenergize your mind, soul, and body. Catskills offers numerous bed and breakfasts who place a high value on all things with the words “homemade”, “authentic”, and “local”. And you can find one that matches the kind of experience you’re looking for, from Bohemian chic to retro. Either way, it is a tranquil getaway with beautiful scenery and perfect for the outdoorsy. 2015 is the ideal year for you to head out and visit since it is rumored to become home to large mega resorts and gamblers in years to come!


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