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Top 10 Highest Paid Female Celebrities of 2015


Women have always been strong but in recent years they have really been making their mark in almost every field where men once ruled the roost. Following are 10 such strong women from the entertainment industry – women who are not only talented, but are also the very highest paid in this demanding field.

1Katy Perry

This glamorous young singer is making history in the field of music by scoring hits consistently, on the top Highest paid female celebrity racking up earnings of $135 million in 2015. She started her career as a gospel singer in her teenage years and later got her first break from “Red Hill Records,” releasing her debut album “Katy Hudson”. Her fame took off with her single “I Kissed a Girl”, and from then on, nobody could stop her. Her concerts, world tours and merchandise sales added to her earnings in 2015, putting her at the top of the list of women entertainers this year.


2Taylor Swift

Another young performer at 25 years old, Taylor is already making waves as one of the highest paid singer-song writers in the world. As a teenager, she pursued her career in country music and slowly began to shift toward independent releases with her label “Big Machine Records”. As songwriter, lyricist, and singer she has shown herself to be a powerhouse in multiple genres. Her pop albums are selling like hot cakes, helping her to reach $80 million in earnings for 2015.


3Ellen DeGeneres

At 57 years young, this TV personality is an amazing host and producer who played the standup comedy circuit for years and then almost instantly became a major celebrity with her sitcom “Ellen,” followed by her TV talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. With her career taking off after her standup appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” nothing could hold this woman back from reaching our list of highest-paid celebrities, earning $75 million in 2015.


4Lady Gaga

This glamorous singer is known for her quirky fashion sense, which makes her a major head-turner at every event she walks into. Her career started in theater, and later she quit school to pursue her interest in music. She played with many rock bands, gradually building her reputation as a songwriter and singer, and finally signing as a solo act with Sony/ATV music publishing. Recently she has been one of the biggest names in the music industry, giving the world chartbusting hits and mind-blowing tours, both of which contributed to her $59 million paycheck for 2015.


5Beyoncé Knowles

This beautiful singer-songwriter has seemingly been in the limelight ever since her childhood. She enthusiastically participated in many singing and dance contests as a child and tasted fame in the 90’s when she got the chance to be lead singer for R&B girl gang “Destiny’s Child”. Slowly she started concentrating on her singles and reaching even greater fame with her albums and live appearances, including singing the classic “At Last” for a poignant dance by the newly inaugurated first couple in 2008.  Her latest “On the Run” tour with her celebrity husband Jay Z has created a positive impact on her bank account, helping her earnings in 2015 reach $54.5 million.


6Kim Kardashian

The slightly hard-to-explain fame of this star seems to stem from her social media presence and modeling career. Her initial notoriety stemmed from her friendship with Paris Hilton and the supposedly unintentional leaking of her private tapes with her boyfriend. Reality shows seized on Kim and she became a popular TV sensation. She has millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram, and she released a book called “Selfish” which includes all her selfies. One of America’s highest-paid celebrities, Kim earned $52.5 million in 2015.


7Jennifer Lawrence

This 25-year old is the talk of the town for her amazing acting career. Her first break came as a cast member on the popular TBS sitcom “The Bill Engvall Show”. She gained further commercial success with the superhero movie X-Men First Class, and became a legitimate superstar with her starring role in the “Hunger Games” trilogy. She is paid more than any other actress, which netted her a cool $52 million in 2015.


8Judy Sheindlin

The 73 year-old Judy Sheindlin finds herself on the list of the highest paid celebrity women by being a judge on TV. She stands proudly amidst much younger stars, making her mark by combining her professional career with her highly entertaining television presence. Since 1996 she has served as “Judge Judy”, allowing her to use her skill with legal issues to not only help average people but also to entertain her many viewers. For her hard work and sparkling personality she earned a very respectable $47 million in 2015.


9Gisele Bundchen

This year, a super model is added to the list of highly paid female celebrities. She made waves as a Brazilian model, finding international success as part of “Victoria’s Secret Angels”. She has also acted in movies and now is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. She has endorsed so many products that she has become a brand herself, helping to earn her $44 million paycheck in 2015.


10Scarlett Johansson

The ever charming lady from “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has been one of the sexiest women in Hollywood for several years. She made her first appearance in the movie “North” and made a real name for herself in “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray.   At present she is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, taking home $35.5 million in 2015.