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The Facts Behind the hCG Diet Craze



  You may have seen the hCG Diet mentioned on the covers of popular magazines and talked about by celebrities you recognize from your favorite TV shows and movies, but there is still some mystery surrounding this new diet craze. Here, we’ll try to cover some of the basics about this popular diet so that you can gain a better understanding before you try it for yourself.

We’ll go over what exactly hCG stands for, what it is and how this new weight loss program works.

What is hCG?

hCG means Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and it is a hormone that is naturally created in higher than normal amounts in women when they are pregnant. hCG is generally found in higher levels when a woman is first pregnant and then changes to a lower level as the woman advances in her pregnancy.

hCG is secreted by the placenta and it works to rev up the metabolism of the woman who is pregnant. Because of this increase in one’s metabolism, hCG helps the body to burn up the fat that is already stored inside, using it as energy.

The Importance of Using the Right Kind of Fat to Burn

Your body contains more than one kind of fat and some kinds are actually necessary for one’s body in order for it to be healthy.

Contrary to what you might think, not having enough fat stored in your body can actually be a negative thing because it does help with the protection of important organs and also to cushion your joints. You also have some internal fat storage that can be used for your own nutrition and dietary requirements. The fat is stored when you are consuming more food or calories than what your body needs at any one specific time.

Your body can then pull on these calorie reserves if you happen to have a particular day when you’re not able to eat as much or consume the calories required for your daily energy and function. The issue of becoming overweight can occur when one starts to accumulate much more fat storage than what is actually needed, and this than can become extremely unhealthy for many reasons. Having excess fat stored can negatively affect your vital organs, as it will eventually wrap around them.

This can affect your metabolism and slow down how fast you’re able to burn excess calories, completely slowing down your body and energy overall. As an analogy, think about how your automobile reacts when you have too much oil built up within your car. If you tend to carry your excess fat around your waist, unfortunately your chances of a potential stroke or heart attack can increase quite dramatically.

Extra fat does require your blood to be circulated to it and this causes more stress on your heart to do so. Having excess fat within your arteries can put you at an increased risk for heart disease. There are also studies linking cancer and obesity, which is worth mentioning in discussions about potential health issues related to being overweight. The hCG diet can help you to target this unhealthy fat storage found in your waist area, and more importantly, around your vital organs.

The hCG diet can help you to target this fat storage and burn the fat for the energy your body requires daily. Typically when one goes on a low calorie diet, the body will begin to burn the kind of fat that your body actually needs to be healthy (known as “starvation mode”) rather than targeting the more preferred detrimental fat storage talked about above.

In this case, your body only turns to burning the more unhealthy fat after it is in a starvation mode or when a woman becomes pregnant. The difference with the hCG diet is that you will first be targeting the unhealthy fat as far as burning calories goes. This is great because this is the type of fat that is putting you at greater risk for certain health issues.

The hCG Hormone Helps to Release Fat Storage in the Body

The power of the hCG hormone is evident when it makes your body use the current fat storage as the energy your body requires on a daily basis.

This actually translates into shredding hCGfat and losing weight very quickly which, of course, is important to those struggling with obesity and weight issues. The actual hCG program requires a very low calorie diet. Unlike a lot of low calories plans, you won’t feel the negative effects of constant hunger due to the fact that your body is tapping into these fat reserves for the energy needed.

Where Will You Get the hCG Hormone?

Even though the hCG hormone is most typically found within pregnant women, there are now ways to get hCG into your own body.

hCG is now artificially made in three different formats. You can buy it as drops, tablets or even as an injection. Remember that you may want to consult with a physician if you choose to go the hCG shot route. As with any new diet plan, you should definitely work with your own personal health experts to decide if option may be right for your particular situation.