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Summer is here and so are the latest summer fashion statements!

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Men shop less frequently and take less time comparatively but they don’t shy away from investing in the best trends of the season. For those of you who feel that men don’t have a lot of fashion choices here are a few trends that you can play around with this summer!

Denim for all Seasons: Summer, winter or fall, denim never goes out of style. Oh no now don’t say that denim is too thick for summer because actually it protects you from the harsh sun and keeps you cool and makes you look cool. Though Denim is available in many varieties, the lighter version of the fabric is your best buddy this season.


Casual Pants: If denims are too hot to handle this season then casual pants are your best bet. From trousers to cargos and corduroy pants, there is a wide range of options to last this summer.


Rock those T-Shirts: Summer is the perfect time to show-off your favourite T-shirts. Throw on a T-shirt for a smart and casual look but keep away from the sloppy look by picking the right T-shirt that suits your body type.


Funky Shorts: Why should girls have all the fun? Shorts are a man’s thing too…but keep an eye on picking the right length.


Women summer fashion

Some must have tips for women this summer!

Colours: A mix of bright hues, soft pastels and nature-inspired neutral shades are going to be in the spot light this season. From traditional blue, browns, tangerine, to aquamarine, the colour fad will have countless variety.

Sneakers are here to stay: This summer you can pair your sporty shoes with all kinds of outfits, even a skirt or a dress, as they are in vogue.


Flowers in summer: This is the right time to shop for some sexy floral dresses, skirts and tops for a care free look.

Be Beach Ready: It would be a good idea to invest in some sexy high-neck crop tops and bikini bottoms, long-sleeved elegant one piece, of course adding creative nails to the look is always welcomed.

Invest in Culottes: They are a long and baggy pair of shorts that amazingly comfortable and extremely chic. Pair them up with a fitted top and add some chunky jewellery to keep the look fresh and bubbly.

Trends always keep changing. Pick up pieces that make you feel comfortable, fit you well, reflect your personality and make you confident. This is what being fashionable and stylish is about.



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