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Suit up with the Broken Suit !


A maze of mirrors which fragment the silhouette, allow seeing clothes from other angles and seeming to multiply the possible combinations between top and bottom. The “Broken suit” is completely the opposite of the classic one, at least if it is defined as a jacket and trousers made with the same fabric.

Stefano Pilati, the head of design at Ermenegildo Zegna, launched the “Broken Suit” concept, characteristic timeless line. “Broken Suit” is a game of details, reasons, shades and structures combining style and shape. Result: a costume that defines male personality by an impeccably elegant coolness, he proves that the Broken Suit has everything that it needs to be relevant in the face of today’s changing menswear trends. 
Most of the designers have borrowed this path, otherwise Couture brokensuitthis term, which has the advantage of conceptualizing the good old combination ” jacket-pants “. And Miuccia Prada –never the last one in the implosion of codes- can also be tempted by this new coordination.
Jacquard seems to be making a remarquable touch on the world of menswear. That’s what explain that Zegna’s Broken Suits are made in timeless, classic jackets, which are featuring ornate motifs and paired with jacquard pants, the silhouette is suave and dapper as well as the allure is classic.
Finally I can say that with the “Broken Suit” we take the freedom of having a little funStefano Pilati gave the example at Zegna offering hybrid suits: the same colour, but cuts and materials of different kind. Example, a Mohair jacket (2300 $) and pants with a floral motif (980 $) a combination that takes the menswear elegance to a whole new level.
 Suit up with the Broken Suit!
                   Van Gils 3-Piece Broken Suit: $1098 Van Gils Textured Tie: $100 Van Gils Silk Pocket Square: $30
                        Van Gils Bowler Hat: $115 Bill Lavin Belt: $228 Giulio Moretti Pebbled Monk Shoes: $398


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