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Places You Can Travel And Spend $20 A Day


Tourism all around the world is simply flourishing, and it seems people are not planning to stop travelling. And why would they? Seeing different places and meeting various and exciting cultures is something that will make your life more interesting. However, there is one sad side of roaming around the globe, and it is the unfortunate occasion that you have to pay for such an experience. Most of these adventures will cost you a lot of money since you will have to pay for annoying paperwork. Of course, there are the transport, accommodation, food, drinks, excursions, tickets, souvenirs and many other costs to cover. But there is always a solution – visit countries that are exotic but not so expensive. Yes, indeed, there are such countries, where you can spend a day, have an excellent time and pay less than $20. It is hard to believe that there are such places since everything keeps getting more and more expensive. But the countries on the list below will prove you that that is possible indeed.


1Egypt – Meet The Ancient World

Egypt is a nation with an incredible history that keeps attracting people from all around the world. Its magnificent ancient temples, sculptures, and of course, the pyramids will surely sparkle your imagination. And the past is not the only asset of Egyptian tourism, on the contrary, there are also beautiful sandy beaches that you should definitively not miss. But the best part of the story is that you can get all of this for an extra low price. So for example, a dorm bed costs around $4, and you will also get a full Kofta meal for about $2. Entering the pyramids will cost you another $5, so altogether you will spend less than $20.


2Poland – East European Beauty

Eastern Europe is generally cheaper than the countries on the opposite side of the continent. Poland is a country that has everything a traveller may wish to get or see. It is as beautiful as France, England or any other country in the West and it is especially famous for its amazing architecture. But what makes Poland unique and much different from those countries is the low price. Namely, you will be able to eat here for less than $3, and we are not talking about some low-quality dishes.


3Albania – The Upcoming Gem For Tourists

A pure natural heaven on Earth – Albania, lies in the south of Europe. The incredible country offers not only beautiful beaches, lovely nature and historical attractions but also affordable and cost-effective accommodation and stay. The country is still not recognized as a member of the European Union, and for that reason, your day in any Albanian cities may pass with spending less than $20. For instance, you may find numerous offers of B&Bs for $10. What is more, the food and drinks are also very cheap. Therefore, Albania is a perfect opportunity to spend an extraordinary vacation regardless of your budget.


4Nicaragua – With a Great Variety of To-Do Activities

In case you yearn to visit Central America, but you don’t have a big budget, you can still enjoy your vacation days while visiting Nicaragua. The country is as beautiful as other destinations in the are, and moreover, it is quite affordable. Visiting Nicaragua will surely suit every budget since you can find dorm beds for less than $10. But perhaps the best thing about Nicaragua is that you have many activities on offer. For example, tourists enjoy hiking, surfing, and scuba diving. The beaches in Nicaragua are beautiful. Hence, you may have a rest while sunbathing.


5Sri Lanka – A Place To Spend More Days Than You Planned

Even though some tourist attractions and national park access are expensive, Sri Lanka as a tourist destination offers excellent prices of accommodation and transport. Should you decide to visit this fantastic country, you can take long distance trains for $2 and book a room for $5. Therefore, no matter how many dollars you have saved for your trip, in Sri Lanka, you will undoubtedly be able to spend less than $20 per days, which means you’ll be able to stay longer. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?