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List of Carbohydrate Foods for Weight Loss



    Having a list of carbohydrate foods, protein and fat with their calories content can come in handy when you are on a weight loss program. In many weight loss plans, they will state the percentage of carbohydrates that is allowed in a day but how can we judge the amount of carbohydrates in a particular food when we don’t have a list of carbohydrate foods! Sometimes we might think that a certain food will have a very low carbohydrate content but in reality, they are high. For example, carrots are vegetables but in fact, they have high carbohydrate content. Being prepared is the key to success in dieting.

To lose weight, calories in must be lesser than calories out. So to determine how much calories that we need in a day, you have to calculate in by using this formula.Change body weight from pounds to kilogram (pounds to kilograms divide by 2.2) Basal metabolic rate is 1 kcal per hour per kilogram; so multiply the Bodyweight in Kg by 24 for your daily calorie needs.

Add in the calories that are used according to your activity level by multiplying the percentages listed below to your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and then add it to the BMR calories. Activity level Light 50-70% Moderate 65-80% Heavy 90-120%.

For an example, a 180-pound man is 81.8 Kg (180 divided by 2.2) Then BMR is 1963.6 kcal (81.8 multiply by 24) If that person has a light activity level, then the daily calories needs are: 50% x 1963.6 equals 981, 981 plus 1963.6 is 2945.4 kcal70% x 1963.6 equals 1374.52 plus 1963.6 is 3338.12 kcal Light activity person is usually the sedentary people, desk job, and exercise 30 mins a day.

The moderate activity person would be the one that moves around a lot like taking the stairs, walk to work and do lots of housework in addition to his regular workout routine. The heavy activity person would be the athletes and construction workers. The range would be 2945.4 kcal to 3338.12 kcal just to maintain weight. For weight loss, you have to subtract 400 kcal of this range to lose body fat gradually and safely. So let’s take 3000 kcal as his daily calories needs. On a diet, that person should be eating 2600 kcal to for weight loss, and calories per meal are 520 kcal on a 5 meal a day plan.

From 520 kcal, let’s say 30% is from carbohydrates. Therefore, the grams that are allowed in a meal of carbohydrates is 156 grams. Just choose the combo of foods from the list of carbohydrate foods that will make up to no more than 156 grams! Easy! That is why the list of carbohydrate foods is very handy because you can roughly estimate what is the carbohydrate contents in certain foods, plans you meals and at least have a direction in the weight loss program.

As explained, GI (Glycemic index) of the carbohydrates is crucial, download the list of carbohydrate foods with the GI index to complement the list of carbohydrate foods that has the calories and grams, HERE. 

Using the list of carbohydrate foods Choose the carbohydrates that are closest to the ground. Meaning that the less processed is, the less salt and bad fats are in it. For example, choose natural rolled oats instead of instant oats.

The ones that are less processed have more fiber and other nutritional benefits that the commercial one provides. Some of the carbohydrates in the list provided have a low content of sugar, but those sugars are simple sugars, so watch out! Pick the ones that have a low GI index, preferably below 50-60. Watch out for hidden carbs like gravy and condiments. They are usually made from starch and contains a high amount of simple sugar. Try to eat your meat and salad with minimum sauce and dressing.

Mix and match all the carbohydrates as much as possible to avoid boredom! Variety is a spice of life! For example, take rolled oats in the morning, half-baked potato for lunch and greens for you carbohydrates at night! Do not be fooled thinking you can get away from eating a blueberry muffin that has a low content of carbs. They usually are made with a lot of fat to make it moist and lots of simple sugar for taste to sell in well in the cafes. If you want some, try baking it yourself. Have low GI carbs before exercise and simple carbs after exercise.

The low GI carbs tend to be slow releasing and they can provide you with constant energy to workout hard and the simple carbs for fast absorption into the muscle for recovery. Try to make a meal that has all three food groups, from the list of carbohydrate foods, choose the ones that have the right amount of carbs for you and have a low GI, then have it with meat or fish with lots of vegetables for fiber. Eat sensibly; the portion of the carbohydrates should be not larger than your fist.

When you finish your first serving of food, drink water and let the water fill you up. You will not feel hungry after that! Make sure you exercise! Even if you are armed with a huge list of carbohydrate foods and eating all the right carbs, weight loss won’t be easy and long-lasting if you don’t exercise and keep your daily activity high! Weight training increases your metabolism and cardio workout burns the fat, both are a super combo for your weight loss program.

Stay away from places that have a heavy aroma of delicious unhealthy foods like restaurants and bakeries as much as possible. The senses in your nose can trigger your appetite. Only keep foods and carbs that are allowed in your list of carbohydrate foods and diet plan. Do not keep snacks, out of sight, out of mind they say. Add-in a dash of olive oil in your low-carb meals for added benefits!