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How much sugar a day lead to a healthy life



Sweet poison sugar has lot of negative health issues with some few health benefits. Let us see how much sugar a day is worth to maintain a good health. The gender is the first key factor in deciding the amount of sugar daily in the food plan. For men it is little higher while comparing to the women. Around nine spoons of sugar are good for men and they should not exceed that limit. This is about 37.5 grams of sugar content with calorie of 150 .The women need to take around six spoons of sugar daily and just like men, they also should not exceed the limit. The calorie value then gain from that spoon measure is hundred calories with the estimation of 25 grams per day. Take note that added sugar should not exceed the energy limit of around ten percent like your food and drink consumption.


Daily intake of sugar

The sugar intake generally for men is high while comparing with women. This is the general fact and the sugar intake may vary depends upon your physical qualities. The person’s size, weight and his active level are major key factors in deciding with daily sugar intake. The sugar is normally comprised of sucrose and fructose values. The other food items like fruit juices and honey are also considered as the added sugar content. This ishighly considered when these things are added with your daily food items. We all live with this sugar culture and we use sugar more in our daily food diet. Many foods with the composition of added sugar are highly dangerous to our health.

Usage of sugar in limited way

The dangerous diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases are occurring with the high intake of sugar value. Eating those added sugar content foods may ruin your health by increasing your body weight. Being overweight will lead you to suffer from deadly heart and diabetes diseases. The main content in sugar is carbohydrate values which are meant for giving good energy to our body. When you intake more sugar amount then you will lead to suffer from lot of health issues. The sweets, chocolate and cakes are best example for those added sugar content food items.


Try to eat those mentioned things in a limited amount to avoid the risk of sugar complaints in your body. The added sugar content has different names and you should know its entire name to get away from added sugar content foods.eat fruit as a fruit and try to avoid drinking it as fruit juices. The sugar content established more only when the juicing process takes place. Moreover fruit juices damage your tooth decay and so eat it as fruit. If you drink juice, then drink it along with your meals. This will avoid your tooth decay damage problems.

Enjoy your health with the right intake of sugar amount in your daily food diet plan.



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