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Heal your Hair with Traditional Home Remedies for Hair Loss


Hair shows off its face to you? With this remedies you can change it to smile back!

    Hair (on head) is an identity of beauty, irrespective of the gender of the person. A dense hair glorifies the look of the face in a woman and the charm of the face in a man. Less-dense hairs congenitally has nothing much for a man to do but then if it is a matter of fall or getting lesser due to various mental and physical health conditions, then it definitely stresses out most of us.

Nature is the best we well know. Nature’s way of doing things is what most of us love, at-least when overly health conscious, leaving apart those entrapped in beauty conscience, neglecting the way of reaching it. Though there are quite a lot of surgical remedies like Rogaine, Propecia, or hair transplantation available, natural remedies are mostly preferred.

 Anything long-lasting comes up quite gradually, most of the times and in contrast, something that’s achieved quite quickly could be either by luck or effort, and can get away quicker, if was received by luck. On a parallel note, natural remedies of hair loss prevention, though slower, definitely are long-standing and without any side effects.

Aromatherapy oils:

oilsThese brilliant aromatherapy oils, cedar wood, rosemary thyme, lavender, along with 1/8th jojoba oil and 1/8th grape seed oil, when mixed and massaged well enough on the hair scalp, have known to show a great improvement in hair growth. Keep away from eyes and internal consumption.


Ayurveda, termed the science of life, believes, massaging the scalp with vitamin E oil, while you go to bed, improves blood circulation, reduces body heat and adds to the hair texture and volume.

Chinese belief:

Chinese believe kidney syndromes impact the hairs. Kidney tonics, in pill and tea form
, are believed to help us out of it. Palmetto oil has been proven to block Dihydrotesterone thus preventing hair loss in men.

Silica-high diets, found in potatoes, sprouts, peppers and cucumbers are a friend toh-A the hairs. Iron rich foods and meats add to the hair growth.

Aloevera with castor and olive oil mix massage on to the scalp, Nirgundi leaves massage on to the scalp are other methods believed to make a mark in the hair loss illness.


Whatever one consumes as foods, mental stress ‘absolutely’ swallows the good effects and leaves one sick and gloomy. Relaxation techniques, yoga and stress relieving activities are very much necessary if you don’t want to see any more hair loss. Prevention is better than cure. One has to stop taking stress at all rather than trying to wash it off later.

Natural shampoos, genuinely known, with all herbal extracts, do not give much froth but definitely reduce hair losses.

Other ways of taking care:

Refraining from alcohols, smoke and drugs is just not enough but we everyday inhale these health deteriorating components from air & around. Toxins like chlorine, pesticides, cosmetics, and germs in the air contribute to the hair loss so it is necessary we watch out on these when going on roads and so. It is much advised to cover your hair physically if you are not going on a clean road.

Egg yolk, though known to be a good nutrient and softener on hair, is known to cause whitening as well. Hence it has to be used in certain limits and based on general body heat.

Vitamin B and zinc supplements advised by a nutritionist can make a value to preserve your hairs.

Goes without saying, exercises just do good to you, in every way, for everything, no exception on your hairs.

Follow small precautions while going outside your home, be calm and cool, do not hold on to stress, have a wholesome diet, I assure you are not going to look bald but bold and beautiful!