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Graava : the new intelligent action camera


   One advantage of the Go-Pro camera that is also called do-anything, go-anywhere camera is that it captures everything, while the disadvantage of the do-anything, go-anywhere is it also captures everything.

Go-Pro camera with its always-on/ always-recording feature compels its users to edit hours of B-roll, simply to you to view and edit hours of B-roll, just to reach out to the best parts of that breathtaking 720 backside capture you did on the halfpipe.

With Graava, the promising young startup that possesses an artificially intelligent action camera that handles all your editing projects. The concept behind this camera is just for you to shoot video anytime any day and trust the camera to do an excellent job at saving that great moment.

graavas_faceDuring pre-orders, you get the keychain-sized Graava camera for $249. This gadget lookslike a Pico projector in a black, orange or white plastic shell. You can easily record whatsoever is directly in your line of vision by simply clipping the Graava camera onto your handlebars or helmet.

Looking for a camera that shoots 1080p video at 30fps  or 720p at 60fps ? Then Graava is for you, as it films and collects information from its gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, light sensor and any other sensors.

What info? Identifying a landmark through the quickened heart rate sensor or GPS detected by your Apple Watch—signals Graava to thrilling moments buried in the footage.

GraavaAppleWatch-1024x768The creators of Graava believe that some sensory spikes like an unusual sight or a pleasant smell can specify moments our brains would typically classify. The camera works the same way too. For instance, when there is a pickle in the heartbeat, an unfortunate descent on a trail might be indicated. Variations from the norms are used by the camera in rating events in the footage. 

If you want the camera to highlight a special moment, all you need to do is say ‘Graava.’ Once you upload the video, Graava uses the uploaded data to determine the highlight to edit the video the way you want it. All that you recorded in three hours will be resized into a few minutes.

In the words of Bruno Gregory the founder of Graava , “Graava emulates the way the human brain works”.  That’s his conclusion.

Since the mind doesn’t work alone, Graava also needs your watchful eye while editing. You can edit the data with the help of the drag-and-drop editing bar as you can take out unnecessary clips and add back important memories.

Sounds like fun right?

Gregory believes that in due time, Graava’s software will be able to keep track of the kind of video recordings that appeal to you and it will serve as a guide for Graava the next time it will edit any of your video recordings. Like every good thing that has its advantages, Graava also has its disadvantages. It has a battery life of only 3 hours.

graava2It also doesn’t have a mind of its own like the humans do. There’s nothing that compareswith a passionate mind. On the brighter side, if the upgraded software will function as it has been predicted; it will be placing a new type of home video within our reach. It doesn’t necessarily have to be as advanced as skateboarding or driving but also easier to create than a technical video that’s used on Instagram.

This creates a greater opportunity for everyone. A scientist can make a video of how he invented his latest work or a footballer’s video of all her outstanding moves and goals throughout her lifetime.

It will be a highlight for a daily preview of your life.