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Google working on Google Glass 2.0


  A rumor is spreading in the IT business that Google is workingon a second version of Google Glass. The actual Google Glass has not yet introduced in the consumer market but most recent reports shows that the search giant is at present making preparations for a second version of its hi-tech wearable devices that comes with a head-mounted spectacle.

There are some official papers showing that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicate that Google is working on a device that is linked with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, comparable to the first version of the Internet-connected smart glasses. As the device is codenamed ‘GG1’ is kept secret and hasn’t been mentioned elaborately in the documents but the restricted evidence shows a second version of Google Glass.


This Google glass version 2 as compared to the first version of the smart glasses permitted the wearer to scroll over their social media feed and allow them to watch videos, capture images, etc. This all is done all through voice commands or limited manual actions. Though, the device’s restrained video recording and photographing capability made the privacy advocates contrary to its use even as it assured of critical medical uses.

These enhancements and the restrictions due to the technology didn’t allow the $1500 wearable device to reach the consumer market and Google has in the meantime working on releasing a second version. If the reports are correct this will be a major breakthrough and we might be able to see the motivated project head for the second time later this year.

It is observed that the Nest founder Tony Fadell has been given the responsibility to reform and prelaunch the wearable device. It is also said that Eyewear maker Luxottica is working on the second version of Google Glass. Considering the current facts Google has some second thoughts on how to construe version 3. As people are aware of that Google glass version history that is version 1 and Google glass consumer version that is version 2 is on its way for completion. They are not seeing that Google Glass v2 could Change the Enterprise. It is so versatile that no one can grasp all its features.

g-2So, what if instead of gazing at an efficiency pie-chart on a screen you can use your managerial head for better purpose and with your Enterprise Edition Glasses you can see each person’s performance statistics. Using the border features you can see their complete reports in a heads-up (HUD) display.  It’s not just consequences for workflow situations and industries in customer service businesses; or not limited healthcare which is another example of where technology like this could be an enormous improvement in real-time.

It is not yet clear that whether enterprise software vendors will make a stern investment in Glass v2 but Glass Enterprise Edition will not be the single AR expedient on the market to improve for when it’s finally released. These devices will lead the revolution in the workplace we’ve all been waiting for.