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So many people dream to have an online business which they could turn into an enterprise that could meet their financial needs. Apart from just the aim of meeting their financial needs, some crave to be their own boss and spend enough time with their family and friends, and travel around the world with family and friends while maintaining the commitment to their online business.

So many people think the reason they can’t earn money online is as a result of the fact that they can’t build or rank a website. If you want to give the online business a trial, but without enough knowledge about this field, you are lucky to have found this article where i give you in details an easy way to make 100$ plus per day online building a website. You are good to go into online marketing with:

– Zero or a little technical knowledge
– Zero coding or SEO knowledge
– Never had the least experience on how to manage a website
– $100 start-up capital (it could be more or even less, but this is recommended)

Some times you wonder how little ideas grows to produce big returns. Online business is a perfect example of how your little ideas can be turned to produce a lucrative online business. All you need is hard work.

How can this be? These are the processes:

Searching for the perfect niche

You must first select a niche, and to effectively do this, there are three factors that should be properly considered.

  • Ask yourself if the niche is of high demand in relation to its popularity in the market. A niche with low demand and high sellers would be a waste of time, efforts and resources.
  • Have long-term goals. Example niches with endless opportunities are dating and weight loss. Generation and generations to come will always be keen on knowing more about dating same goes for weight loss. You can never run short of clients on these niches.
  • Target a broad niche and not a narrowly fixated niche or a niche on some trending items, as when that item becomes obsolete, that will cause great harm to the business.(e.g. the trending celebrity diet)

Next, you want to be sure your preferred niche is one with great market value. There are so many niches where you go through a lot of hard work only to earn a paltry result incomparable to your input. I will introduce you to two websites that would help you in your search for an idea niche, showing you the offers for the respective niches, the popularity of the niches, and how their monetary value.

Begin with clickbank and Amazon

Building your website

The following are tips that would direct you on building your website

  • Click on GoDaddy coupon to buy a .com domain for 99 cents
  • Do you already have a hosting? If not, then check Gigawebhost out – they offer hosting service  for 1$ a month ! which i’m using for some of my other projects .
  • Select a theme for WordPress.
  • Make out between three to five review posts. You want to be sure these posts are unique and strictly based on your experience with the use of the product. However, if you think this is going to be too difficult for you, then you could simply get reviews from related sites and rewrite to make it unique.

*For the products you are reviewing, ensure you add up affiliate links.

Promoting your website

Although this thread has quite a number of methods to kick-start, but just a Google search is the simplest way to get you started:

100% free Google Search Tools

I initially used Google Alerts which was a semi-automated and free to use solution when I started this method.  But lately, there is a more productive method which you can use with just Google search

Do your keyword search on Google (put it in quotation marks if the keyword is a phrase)

Below the search box, click on “Search Tools”

Change the “any time” option to “past 24 hours”

Change the “Sorted by relevance” option to “sort by date”. This will ensure the most recent result is displayed first on the list.

If what you want to search a Facebook post or other sites, you can do this on Google by changing time and sort as done above and entering the following:

In the search box enter “your key word” site: facebook.com

Search for places where your product or niche is being discussed and contribute with valuable comments.  Ensure you are linking your review post directly when adding value.


Niches that are popular will display a lot of Google results and numerous activities through BuzzBundle.  Most of your results will be on press releases, posts on forum and new blog post. Monitor all the URL’s daily. If you don’t get at least average of 50 targets on daily basis then you may consider putting up some additional products and searches. Always visit the URL as soon as you get a new alert and drop a response. You want to be the first to respond, so you have to act very fast. This attracts more clicks.

Although you will not be presented with an opportunity to post by all of your searches, but you will be given opportunity by most forums and blogs to drop some comments which would link readers to your site.
In the process of developing your post you don’t just say, “Hey, visit wwwsite.com” .this may make your post seem more of a spam. If it is a spam people will not click on your post and the website will likely remove it.

To each reply you make put some thought into it and endeavor to customize it to relate to the post you are giving a feedback to. However, this makes you get a better response and allows you ride on the wings of forums moderators and website owners. Hence, if you do promote a diet supplement product, and you are asked about to recommend ways to lose some pounds, you may want to construct a reply in this manner:

“Some months back, I was asking the same question you are asking now. I didn’t trust anything I saw online, because they all sounded like gimmicks. I saw and read through a review about [your product] and it sounded like using your product was of great benefit to the poster, hence I tried it out. I got far beyond anything I ever expected. Since I started out on your product, I have miraculously loss 50 pounds. The article was indeed of great help to me – check out it out, simply click on [Link to article].”

Always have in mind that your traffic increases with number of products you review. Continuing on this path increases your sales which boost your profit.

Keep building on divers traffic sources You will soon begin to rank on Google

 One good thing about this method is the fact that it does not depend on search engine optimizationSEO” . All you may have to do is simply build up your website and create your content, your posts will automatically begin to get Google ranking and receive organic search traffic. Apart from ranking individual posts, you may also want to create more posts with long tail keywords, directing the traffic to your review page. The knowledge from search engine optimization is just one among the numerous methods through which you can direct the first visitors to your site at no cost. With the use of Google and BuzzBundle, you have the easiest and highly effective tools to produce great traffic, which will turn out to be sales.  Now you can move a step higher by outsourcing that job while you concentrate on adding more organic traffic sources – SEO becomes handy here


Final Note

It is very feasible to develop a website and build it to become a successful venture that will generate a six digit income annually. However, you must have proper knowledge of the right steps to take and follow it judiciously without giving up. This method helps to build that successful business you have always dreamt of, with quick revenue. You don’t need the unnecessary long wait for a high cost SEO to get started – no worries about ranking on Google and avoiding being penalized and algorithm changes. The fact is, you really don’t have to be dependent on Google to achieve success on this particular method.

If you’re into Facebook money making, here is one of the best methods to earn $10/day, an automated method that is tested by me and that works always. HERE



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