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Is College or University Really Worth it ?


   This is the question that most of the students are asking, it’s actually a great question.
There is two situations:

     1.In one hand, if you don’t attend to college you probably risk being unemployed or underpaid.

     2. In the other hand, If you do attend to college, there’s a chance that you gonna drown in student loans which can be hard to pay off, and you may not make as much money as you hopped during your Study .

The answer to this problem is to find at first a major that is interesting you.

But how can you tell that this degree is beneficial in the future to you ?

You should take these factors into consideration:

  • The financial investment. Choose a program that will offer you enough earning potential to repay your student loans. This will help lessen the cost of your education.
  • Career opportunities. Choose a program which will permit you to find a career in an industry that is growing quickly. This will give you more chances in the job market.

Scene from the HBO documentary film “San Francisco 2.0” by Alexandra Pelosi, talking about a former banker in San Francisco confronts new reality, jobless with 30 years experience and 2 degrees.

So Is College or University Really Worth it ?

your life, your choices !

good luck…