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Understanding Addiction

     Many people can't fathom how or why some people are becoming addicted to drugs.  That's typically assumed that drug abusers lack faith or self-control or moral principles, which might stop them from using...

Is College or University Really Worth it ?

   This is the question that most of the students are asking, it's actually a great question. There is two situations:      1.In one hand,...

How To Make People Listen To You While Speaking

   Sometimes we get the impression like we're speaking but nobody listens to us. Well if you face this while speaking Julian Treasure's giving Tips for...

USA vs JAPAN – MegaBots duel : Update !

The team USA started today a campaign at Kickstarter to rise fund of 500 000 $ for the robots construction.  people who teamed up with MegaBots in the Giant Robot...

How can your Brain trick your Body

    Keith Barry shows us how our brains can fool our bodies -- in a trick that works via podcast too. Then he...

Meet the top 5 Badass People of all time

Hunters, killers, greedy adventurers, yankees, gold diggers and gangsters . Check out the Top 5 Badass People of all time

Mansour Bahrami – the Tennis Legend

  Mansour Bahrami, the one who makes Tennis more enjoyable and fun than ever . A must see for Tennis fans .  

It’s official : USA vs JAPAN Robots duel

  It's not a Hollywood science-fictions movie, it's not an anime, it's REAL ! This is about some inventors from the American robot company MegaBots who...