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Understanding Addiction

Ā  Ā  Ā Many people can't fathomĀ how or whyĀ someĀ peopleĀ are becoming addicted to drugs.Ā  That'sĀ typicallyĀ assumed that drug abusers lack faith or self-controlĀ orĀ moralĀ principles,Ā which might stop them from using...

Is College or University Really Worth it ?

Ā  Ā This is the question that most of the students are asking, it's actually a great question. There is two situations: Ā  Ā  Ā 1.In one hand,...

How To Make People Listen To You While Speaking

Ā  Ā Sometimes we get the impression like we're speakingĀ but nobody listens to us. Well if you face this while speakingĀ Julian Treasure's giving Tips for...

USA vs JAPAN – MegaBots duel : Update !

The team USA started today a campaign atĀ KickstarterĀ to rise fund of 500 000 $Ā for the robots construction.Ā  peopleĀ whoĀ teamed up with MegaBots in the Giant Robot...

How can your Brain trick your Body

Ā  Ā  Keith Barry shows us how our brains can fool our bodies -- in a trick that works via podcast too. Then he...

Meet the top 5 Badass People of all time

Hunters, killers, greedy adventurers, yankees, gold diggers and gangsters . Check out the Top 5 Badass People of all time

Mansour Bahrami – the Tennis Legend

  Mansour Bahrami, the one who makes Tennis more enjoyable and fun than ever . A must see for Tennis fans .  

It’s official : USA vs JAPAN Robots duel

Ā  It's not a Hollywood science-fictions movie, it's not an anime, it's REAL ! This is about some inventors from the American robot company MegaBotsĀ who...