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What Career is Best for ME?


     Now, take a break and think about how you would feel if you just can’t wait to get to work every day, simply because you have great passion for your job! Functioning actively in a role you so much love to be in, and working in the midst of people you love and constantly draw daily inspiration from.  Imagine how great that would make you feel.

What do you think about your career presently – how does it make you feel?

Does it feel like you’re missing out on something? Do you always dream of a better place wishing you had a better career? Do you feel you are having occupational burnout? Are you worn-out after a little time at work? You experience work stress and poor concentration at work? You are not getting up to your expectations in your career?

Do you need answers to these problems?

Follow these steps

  1. Find out what you are made to do
  2. Do what you found out
  3. Reduce handling other tasks

How do you do these?

To begin, search within you, and point out those things that motivates you, those activities that never bores you, and also list out those things that doesn’t captivate your interest-this could be a great way to start.

Practical ways to handle this

Take a motivational test. This would be a very fast and effect method to use. Simply get signed up, get a drink and be ready for some multi-choice questions within the next 30 minutes, which will reveal some hidden but real vital information about you.puzzle

Be very sincere with your answers, don’t give answers for the sake of answering it, but give truthful answers. When you are signed up, you can sit-tight and take all questions or better still, you could pause (save the work), take a break and get back to it whenever it’s convenient.

At the completion of your test, you will have result.  Now with this report, you have some revealing and highly useful information which you can put to use in diverse ways. The purpose of this test is to get a fast reliable report as regards your career motivation

However, you shouldn’t fully depend on the outcome of the test to make decisions. Well, that was a nice way to begin, and trust that it will bring in great ideas that will form the basis for the next step.

Now the next step. Dig deep within yourself, search for the things you love and those you dislike. Here you need to be focused and see deep inside you. Attempting the following questions will help a great deal in handling this process;

  1. Do you have preferences for tasks at work?
  2. What is your highest motivation that is hardly utilized towards your present career?
  3. Which of your responsibilities takes your lesser ability?
  4. Do you feel there could be a change?
  5. Does your career suits your natural style of relating with people?
  6. Do you encounter those circumstances that inspires you in your day-to-day work?
  7. Is there a role you think you would be better-off in, in the organization? If so, could you apply for it? And how prepared or would you be prepared, for it?
  8. When job burn-out sets in, in what areas you do feel exhausted?
  9. When you think you are in a wrong job or organization, what would you do? Would you choose to sit with your boss and review your current job, or leave for a ‘greener pasture’?

Now you have a great foundation to build on, so work hard and don’t forget to live .



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