Welcome to The Eye Generation 


Welcome to our corner of the cyberspace. This website promises to be a one-stop shop for everything that members of our generation find useful in their everyday lives. It is a chronicle of stories, images, videos, and other media content that aim to highlight the interests, needs, and passions of members of our generation. It covers a broad range of topics, which are categorized as follows:

Lifestyle and Well-being
The beauty about our generation is that we don’t live a specific, preordained lifestyle. If anything, though, we are bound together by the diversity of our cultures, beliefs, and outlooks in life. This website features content that touches on this very same diversity. From the places to go to, all the way to the food items to try out, and the type of clothes to wear, we come up with stories rooted in our mutual and shared passion for living our lives to the fullest. We produce content that allows you to broaden your horizon and get introduced to an altogether new mode of living.

As digital natives, we are accustomed to dealing with technology in almost all aspects of our lives. Indeed, life as we know wouldn’t easier without the various technologies and innovations that have come out and continue to be developed in laboratories and research institutes across the planet. There’s no escaping technology. From the laptops we lug around to the mobile devices that we simply can’t leave home without, it is important to set these things in context in order to realize their fullest potentials. On this end, we bring you the latest in technology to keep yourself abreast of the goings-on in the technology world and discover how these innovations impact you.

Video Games
Are video games the cult of our times? Probably not, but they certainly have their own legion of avid fans. We feature stories on the latest video games videos, as well as the freshest updates on everything else in this field. It’s basically everything you need to know to get started (if you haven’t yet) or get better at what you do (if you consider yourself a pro).

Who says members of our generation don’t care about the economy? We certainly do. This is precisely the reason why produce content that takes a closer look at issues and events that pose a substantial bearing on the economy in general and their effects to our everyday lives in particular. We dig into relevant issues from an entirely fresh perspective, lending context and greater meaning to things as they relate to us as a generation. We want you to appreciate the intersection of economics, politics, and global affairs and what it all amounts to in the way we and the rest of the world live our lives.

Feel free to browse the content we have for you here on our website. We promise to beef up our current holdings of stories as we scour the world for more information that suits your needs and interests.