The Eye Generation


How far would you go to be aesthetic?

 Most people can agree that major plastic surgery that movie stars get is too far, but what about things that are more available to...



Weight loss Protein

  Question: What are the best foods to eat in the morning for weight loss?  According to nutritionists Answer: One word: Protein. A large number of examination...



easy seo do it yourself steps

Easy SEO – Do-It-Yourself

Does the whole idea of Internet marketing intimidate you? Are you thinking of hiring a professional? Well, we’ve got great news for you. It’s...


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Google working on Google Glass 2.0

  A rumor is spreading in the IT business that Google is workingon a second version of Google Glass. The actual Google Glass has...

Celebrity Fashion and Lifestyle for summer 2015

The most happening season of the year has just started. Feel the freshness as your favorite celebs have also prepped to stun their fans...

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